Sunday, April 21, 2013

Masochist Much?

These days every now and then I'd look at some friends' baby bump pictures in FB again and again (those that have been posted weeks or months ago). Don't really know if it's just to find out how I feel (do I really want to test myself that much or am I just a masochist or what? I honestly don't know yet LOL). It's kinda weird, but these days sometimes I have this strong desire to look at their baby bump pics or even ultrasound pics. So far so good, though. One clear thought that I felt was, "Oh, must be amazing to be able to receive that gift!" (read with the tone of voice of someone who's amazed at the beauty of nature) but nothing else other than the occasional, "How on earth can they get preggy so fast?" (read with an amazed/bewildered tone of voice). 

I must say that this year is really a baby-filled year. After all the pregnancy/baby birth announcements that I've heard in the beginning of the year, I've just heard another pregnancy announcement. And there's still 8+ months left until the end of the year! But most of the time I'm OK with it, though I have this lingering FEAR about the pregnancies of my close friends that may happen in the future (either near or far future). I know one of them is TTC and another one is ready for another one. So we shall see about that and I'll write about them when the time comes. I really want to be happy for them and be able to support them during their pregnancies, but if I can't do it, then I'll just have to learn to forgive myself again, I suppose.

Anyhow, here's a rare convo I had with an old granny (seriously old, she was using a rollator) the other day: 

Gran: "Where do you come from?"
Me: "Indonesia."
Gran: "How long have you lived here?"
Me: "Six years."
Gran: "Oh, what brought you here?"
Me: "Love."
Gran: "Is your hubby a good guy?"
Me: "Yes."
Gran: "Does he beat you up?" (first time that someone has ever asked this LOL!!!)
Me: "Nooooooooo!"
Gran: "Do you have kids?"
Me: "No."
Gran: "It's not worth it." (or "You shouldn't" ---- The words she used in Finnish could be translated both ways - she wasn't saying them cynically or sarcastically, but matter-of-factly)

At home I told my hubby about our convo and he laughed when he heard what she said about having kids he he he he he he...though I did wonder about why she had said it and I felt a bit sad for her 'coz if she did have kids, that must've meant that she didn't have a good relationship with the kids or something (?)...but anyway the bottom line is that it's refreshing to hear something like that he he he...


  1. It's good to get our lifestyles validated occasionally.

    Though I admit I felt sorry for the lady, especially when coupled with her question "does he beat you up?" that tells a rather sad story of her life.

    1. Ah, you're right, Mali. I didn't dwell on that question, but it is really odd that it was asked to a stranger.


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