Tuesday, June 26, 2012

One of the Signs...

That shows how far I'm on my IF journey is screaming with joy, "THANK GOD!" when my period shows up. 

Just like what happened today.

Infertility is a weird thing. Maybe that's why people can't understand still that a couple could really wish for kids so much that it hurt like hell, but then again at one point they can stop hoping for a pregnancy so much that the above scenario happened. Anyway, I'm so glad my period finally came! :-D



  1. hahah I totally get that!

  2. Lovely. And yes, I get it too. (Though right now, I'd cheer if AF never showed up ever again!)

    1. In a twisted way, sometimes I also think I want AF to stop - or hubby to have vasectomy, so every time a well-meaning person shares their hope with us about our offspring, I can tell them that we can't have them and that'd shut them up. :-D


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