Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A Sad Failed Adoption Story

The other day I heard of a sad failed adoption story that happened a few decades ago. A girl and her brother were raised in an orphanage (I'm not going to write the country here, but if you want to ask me personally via email, go ahead). I don't know if they lost their parents or something, but the both of them were there in the same orphanage anyway. A married couple then came over to get to know them with the intention of adopting them. They came many times over the course of many years and each time they visited the kids, they always brought goodies and gifts. They even sent letters to the kids and the kids had already called them "papa" and "mama" during their visits. 

One time the caretaker (or dunno who) asked each of the kids if they wanted to be adopted by the couple. However, before they could give their answers, they were told to think VEEERRRYYYY carefully before deciding. The person who asked them to consider told them that it was possible that the couple only wanted to adopt them to get benefits from the government. Long story short, even though the kids probably wanted to be adopted by the couple, they finally said no. And they didn't hear anything anymore from the couple. No letters, no visits, nothing.

One day, though, the girl sneaked into the office of the orphanage (a place where she wasn't supposed to get into) and while rummaging around the place, she found a pile of letters from the same couple who had wanted to adopt her and her brother. Apparently the couple were still writing them letters even after they had said no. But the officials of the orphanage had hidden the letters from the kids. 

My heart just broke when I heard the story. I don't really know much about adoption processes except from a few articles that I've read and I suppose in the past it may be different than nowadays and it may differ in different countries, but the bottom line is that I can't erase the image of the girl finding the stack of letters years's etched in my brain and I just can't imagine what she must've felt at that time...and on the other side of the story, the couple themselves have no idea what had happened...

Anyway, on a different track, let me share this lovely video that I accidentally found: 


  1. Cool- that's one of my favorite videoes!!! :)

    I just cannot imagine either what it'd be that girl to find the letters. I admit that's one of reasons why I wonder if I'd have the courage to adopt.. to start to know a child, and then to either..get to adopt or have it all fall apart. Yeah- chicken here. :P

    1. I thought you'd know about the video clip he he...:-D

      Yeah, adoption isn't without its own risks, eh? I understand that. I don't think it's being chicken. It's called being responsible, because it's about the life of a child after all. :-)

    2. Btw, I think being scared (or feel like a chicken) in this situation is normal 'coz it's another whole load of "the unknown". That's why I call it being responsible. :-)


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