Saturday, May 25, 2013

Back from Holiday

One thing I usually treat myself to during a holiday is a new book. We just came back today from a relaxing week trip to Kuusamo, about three hours away to the south by car from here. The book I bought is this: The Elephant Keepers' Children by Peter Høeg. I was in the mood to read interesting and not-to-heavy stuff that didn't include thrillers, crimes, or murders ('coz hubby and I do watch a lot of TV series and movies with those themes) and I couldn't find anything else, so I decided to try buying it just out of curiosity.

I bought the Finnish version of it and I haven't finished it yet, though I've already found some paragraphs that I just would love to share and remember. Høeg's quite funny :-D. Mind you, I've never read any of his books before this one, so I can't compare them with anything else, but here are two paragraphs that I have bookmarked (sorry for the rough translation):

"Parents are obviously quite okay, even ours. However, if there is such a thing as a special academic study that adults have to go through before they can have children, honestly speaking how many of them would pass the exam?" (page 45)
*********************************************** "Alexander Finkeblod...asked, 'What is the name of the sea surrounding the island of Finø*?'

'Kat's Assh@£$', answered Tilte. 

Alexander Finkeblod almost fell out of his chair. He gave a cold stare towards Tilte, which would normally cause total destruction to everything that was in the range of the stare, but Tilte had found out from the Great Encyclopedia that Kattegat actually meant a cat's assh@£$, so Alexander couldn't argue with her." (page 64)
* Btw, Finø is a fictional island. :-D

Anyway, one of the highlights of our trip was being able to see a gorgeous lynx called Elvis. I've added some annotations to the video clip so that those who don't speak Finnish would be able to understand what the caretaker was telling us, but better watch it in a bigger version 'coz the text is kinda small.


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