Thursday, May 9, 2013


Had a restful and lovely quality time with hubby on our cabin trip yesterday, saw a bloody gorgeous sunset at around midnight, and then came home and found a message from my bro, asking me to give him ideas for a baby boy's names with the meanings.

I was nicely surprised and I went browsing for baby boy names and I realized how daunting the task was, even when it was for someone else's baby (or maybe it's harder 'coz I have no idea what kind of names they want to give the baby) he he he he...but bottom line is, my heart has been really warm 'coz I was given an opportunity to be involved in the baby even before he's born. It doesn't really matter even if my bro and his wife decide to choose a different name than the ones I suggested, but I just realize that this is something I haven't really mourned yet until I was given a chance to participate in the task. Infertility is really strange...and here I am writing this post with tears running down my cheeks - not of sadness, but I'm ABSOLUTELY TOUCHED!!!!!!!! Bless my bro!!! My cup runneth over...

Anyway, let me share this gorgeous sunset that I saw last night... 

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