Sunday, June 22, 2014


Haven't really been having any ideas concerning infertility. Been battling with a bout of summer cold and summer rush at work. It's been cold, after all (temperature dropping to 0'C at some points with a dash of sleet). A friend has just lost her father and I'm reminded again of the gift of life and the fragility of life itself. 

The crying sky during Midsummer Eve and Midsummer has dotted the plants with lots of beautiful raindrops and here are some photos that I took during Midsummer party (with a runny nose and a cough). I also posted these photos in my main blog. 

I had SO MUCH FUN taking these photos in the rain, though it was kinda hard to take focused photos of these beauties without using a tripod. Had to really hold my breath sometime and then at some points I managed to get some drops on my lens because I got too close ha ha ha ha...but life's so beautiful. My friend's dad's passing makes me more aware of how precious it is the days I get to spend with my loved ones. 

Enjoy the photos...would you let me know which ones are your fave (if you can't pick just one)? I would like to know he he...

P.S. Funny thing is that those blue flowers are supposed to be light purple, but for some reason my camera changed them into more blue instead (and I tinkered with the contrast a little). Click the photos to see bigger views.

P.P.S. That red dotted thing is a garden decoration, not a giant ladybird. The stone was painted in such a way to resemble a ladybird. :-D 



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    1. Thank you, Dipitie. :-) Glad you enjoyed them.

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    1. Glad you enjoyed them. It was so much fun taking the photos, pretending I was a fairy in fairy land ha ha...


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