Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Power of Words

The other day I browsed through a Finnish forum on infertility 'coz I thought I'd also learn some Finnish that way. I found similar themes and expressions just like the kind of things I read in English IF blog posts.

However, there was one thing that really reminded me of the power of words. In one particular discussion, this person that started it was simply letting out some steam by writing about her jealousy and bitterness when she saw other women's bulging bellies.

Many other IFers empathized with this woman and they could relate to her, but there was one IFer who wrote something like this: "I've been infertile all my life, but I never experience that kind of bitterness and jealousy. I think that if you feel that bitter and jealous, you're not a good mother material anyway, so it's good that you don't have kids."

I don't understand why some people can write something like that, especially if they're having the same problem. Even if she didn't feel bitterness or jealousy didn't give her the right to say such a thing to ANYONE IMHO.

I honestly think that even if there are plenty of negative, dark emotions when dealing with IF, it's also a very valuable experience 'coz I get to personally feel what I might not have been able to fathom otherwise. Hopefully by having felt this mixture of emotions, I'll then be able to empathize with others even more when they experience a similar wave of emotion and at least make them feel that they're not alone and that they can survive through the ugliness.


  1. Heeehh?? That woman was so rude by writing such comments! :o
    I also find it strange when some people tend to scold other while they are on the same boat. :o

    Let's hope the best and pray for each other that God give us strength to walk on this painful journey.

  2. Yeah, it is weird indeed...yep, let's just pray for each other 'coz this journey is surely not easy he he...


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