Friday, December 17, 2010

Almost Cried

Today I was working near the entrance/exit of the place where I worked when a couple stopped by near the exit and said to their daughter, "Look! There she is! Amelia is over there!"

I turned around and saw the lovely family whose daughter had stolen my heart ever since we met at my workplace. I've written a little about her in this post: In Love. She had a pacifier in her mouth, but when I said "hi", she said "hi" with a smile.

The Dad then explained to me that it'd become a habit - whenever they went to go grocery shopping, the girl would ask where I was (if I wasn't working as the cashier that day) HE HE HE HE HE...

I was so touched, not only 'coz of the little girl's enthusiasm, but also for the parents' excitement towards our interaction. I said "goodbye" to the cute girl while waving my hand and she also did the same a few times - always with a smile on her cute face.

I then turned around while they exited the building and I almost couldn't hold the tears from flowing. I guess it's just hormones, but I was just so touched - and a tad sad again at the same time 'coz I could only do that with another person's child - though on the other hand it's still MUCH better than not having that kind of interaction with anyone's child at all. :-D

On a positive note, I can't wait for our mini holiday sometime later to Rovaniemi (a city near here) with hubby. I just booked our hotel last night. WOOOOHOOOO!!! I'll be back with pictures. Meanwhile, here are some more winter pics I took yesterday:


  1. awe! I love when children remember you and want to see you...something special about it, no? our neighbors have a 5yro little girl. she had to draw a family tree for a class project and she put my husband next to the cat. HAHAHAH!

    i hope you have a great vacation!

    ps i'm jealous of the snow!

  2. @Dana: Yeah, esp. 'coz I don't really know the girl and we've only been saying "hi" and "goodbye" a few times. :-D AWWWW...that's SO touching the story about your neighbours' girl. :-D

    THANKSSSS! We'll have a lovely vacation, I'm sure. :-D Maybe you should come here someday to enjoy all the snow! :-D


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