Monday, April 16, 2012


The more I reflect upon my own weaknesses as a human being, especially in terms of forgiveness, the more I'm in awe at what Jesus said:

"Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing."
- Luke 23:24

For when I hear something disturbing from well-meaning people that poked at my IF scars, it's SO hard for me to forgive them, even when I know that more often than not, they don't mean to hurt me. 

Today I nailed my pains and anger and hurt at the cross...and sang this song: 


  1. Hi Amel,

    I can relate to this...sometimes it is difficult to remember that we've been forgiven time and time again... and we need to be just as forgiving to those around us - we all deserve forgiveness.

    But, that is easier said than done sometimes...but it is definitely something we can work on and pray for!

    I pray that the Holy Spirit gives you a forgiving heart and helps you to let go of all the hurt and pain IF has caused. God has big plans for you!! I can't wait to see what He has in store for you - because they're going to be amazing!!


  2. @Bon: THANK YOU SO MUCH for your prayers, comment, and encouragement. :-)))

  3. Hey

    Talking legacies... what about Mother Teresa, Jane Austen, Charlotte Bronte, Marie Curie, Florence Nightingale...?

    All women who had no children.

    The real legacy we leave is love - whether it's love of a specific thing, like writing or science, or love in a more human sensible form, like being a nurse.

    You are your own legacy Amelia


  4. i guess we will be continually bringing things to the cross to nail them to and for Christ to deal with. hard huh. i feel like just when we feel like we've dealt with one thing, another one pops up.
    love your honesty and openness.

  5. @M: THANKS for your kind words, M. Yeah, this is what I feel I'm doing with my blog(s). :-D Sharing parts of myself that probably would never be heard by our kids - thus my legacy. :-)

    @Sas: Yeah, that's very true about nailing things to the cross many times over. THANKS for your kind words. :-)

  6. M: Actually, come to think of it, the legacy I meant in this post was my life stories...I REALLY LOVE the way my Mom keeps telling us stories about many things, including her life stories and how we were brought up, etc. etc.

    And I was thinking how nice it would be to share the stories with our own kids (at some point in time)...let them know our love story, how we met, my life in Indo and how it felt like to move to Finland, etc. etc.

  7. You don't know how much I needed to be reminded of this! Thank you so much for so much!

  8. @CiCi: I'm glad my own journal can be a good reminder for someone else. :-D


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