Sunday, May 6, 2012

Investing on Love

A close friend of mine has just started TTC and she shared with us that on the first month of TTC, she was surprised by the disappointment she felt when her period showed up. Upon knowing how small the percentage of pregnancy possibility per month (even for timed intercourse for fertile people), she then said to herself that it was wiser to just let go.

Then she wrote a baking analogy that made me think. She said that it was like they were both preparing a cake together and then they put in in the oven. It was then up to God whether or not to light the fire of the oven.

I told her that in our case, it felt like the cake was gone from the oven every time we gained nothing (no pregnancy). The most painful thing did not derive from the wasted invested time or effort, but probably the wasted invested combined love we had for our imagined child. It felt weird for me to write those words, but I'm going to write it down here just for the record.

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