Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Highlight of Our Vienna Trip

Mother's Day went pretty well - felt a bit bummed due to deluge of Mother's Day's cards and photos in Facebook, but nevertheless nothing worse happened. Had some pregnancy and birth announcements, but at the most it only made me feel like the youngest kid left out from a game. During childhood in the playground where the youngest kid wasn't given permission to play with the older ones ('coz the youngest one didn't understand the rules and all that and the older ones didn't want to bother playing with the youngest one). That's the closest to what I felt. 

Spent Mother's Day's eve with MIL (no kids involved) and had a great time. Hubby and I both cooperated in providing the food for MIL so she didn't have to cook. Bought a gift and some flowers, too, which she welcomed with all her heart. :-D 


Anyhow, we had a relaxing and lovely trip to Vienna and the highlight of the trip was the conversation we had with a mutual friend. This woman came to Sodankylä a few years ago and then went back to her home country. Back then we used to hang out every now and then and chat about anything. When she lived here, I was in the throes of TTC, so I shared with her our hopes and dreams.

So naturally after not having met for years, she asked us about baby program. She also told us that she had just started talking about having kids with her boyfriend. So I shared with her what we had experienced until we ended up with our decision to surrender to a life without kids. 

She asked about adoption and I explained to her our decision. I didn't take it the wrong way 'coz I know she cared. Actually, sharing what I know about adoption and the maximum age difference between the parents and the adopted child made her think. She's now at my age when we started TTC, so she wants to learn more about her options IF for some reason the natural way doesn't work (though I hope it'll work well for her).

What really touched me and made me happy was the fact that she asked R2 about his job and life and R2 said, "I'm happy." It's one thing to hear from your spouse that he's happy, but it's a different thing to hear him say to someone else that he's happy in life. The unsaid words are "even without kids". :-D So I'm THANKFUL for this memory.


  1. Oh, that "I'm happy" from your husband must have been the best gift in the world!

    (And Vienna is lovely, isn't it? Sigh.)

  2. @Mali: Yes, it was. And the way he said it also made it so precious. He didn't even have to think twice about whether or not he was feeling it. :-D

    Yeah, Vienna is lovely, but in our opinion, Budapest is more gorgeous he can check out the photos in my other blog. :-D

  3. Glad to hear that your day wasn't terrible too. And always so nice to hear about happy husbands :-)

  4. That’s a good analogy of the youngest kid left out. It’s very fitting.
    That must have felt so good to hear your husband say he is happy. Best wishes for your future!

  5. @CiCi: Yeah, a happy hubby makes me happy too. :-D

    @This Path in Life: I'm glad someone else thinks the analogy is fitting. :-D THANK YOU for your well wishes. I'm happy to know he's happy with our situation. :-D


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