Thursday, May 24, 2012

On Unfulfilled Potentials

Was talking to my closest friends about different topics and we ended up talking about unfulfilled potentials. One friend said that when she saw great pianists, she always wondered what would have happened if she had been more focused on learning the piano when she was younger. She said that as she grew older, in a way it got a little tougher to accept the fact that she may not be fulfilling her potential as a pianist because she had less and less time to reach that dream. In the past if she saw great pianists, she felt more inspired and encouraged to follow that dream because it seemed that there was still ample time to do so. However, she also said that hopefully as she grew older, she would be wiser to accept the facts about unfulfilled potentials in any area of life.

I suddenly started thinking about infertility and motherhood. I told her that for me, motherhood was similar to her pianist dream. I don't actually know for sure how much "potential" I have to be a mother, but it was a dream I had for a certain period of time.

In my simplistic mind, when talking about unfulfilled potentials, you'd either have to do something about it or let it go. Letting it go also means accepting the fact that at the end of the day, maybe you'll only have fulfilled your potential until P instead of Z. In another life (so to speak), you may have made different choices and you may be able to fulfill that particular potential fully (or in a higher level than this life), but we've only got one life to live, so that's that. And we'll never know for sure anyway if in another life we'll be able to reach that potential more fully.

In my family, my brother is the more musical one. He took organ lessons when he was younger and the teacher said he was talented. He was in the course for years and then he stopped for a while, then continued it again for a while and for a period of time, my Mom was feeling sad because she felt that he could do more with his musical talents. Then when he was at the uni, he picked up the guitar and bass guitar and nowadays he plays bass guitar at church. In another life, he may be able to perform in stages or produce music by himself. Who knows? But this is his only life and he's made choices and he loves playing guitar/bass guitar at church.

When speaking about possibilities and unfulfilled potentials, there are too many unknown factors. R2 and I have made our choices and we have to live with it. In another life, we may be trying out something else at the moment, but in this life, I'm content to be where I am - even though every now and then I'm reminded of "my unfulfilled potential" that may be painful, but I'm THANKFUL for the lessons that IF has brought, because through IF I'm given a chance to learn more:

1. How to love myself despite myself.
2. That God's grace is enough.
3. More than ever before I know that God understands my pains and He cares, even though I've yelled at Him and accused Him of being unjust. 
4. That I've married the right guy.
5. The painful lesson of letting go and letting God.


  1. Interesting…I must think about this topic more:)

  2. @This Path in Life: THANKS for leaving a comment. :-D

  3. Thanks for this post. I've dedicated this year to searching for new ways to locate and fulfill different forms of potential -- on as many dimensions as I can. Along the way I've found the freedom to look around corners I might not have in the past.

  4. @Pamela: THANKS for sharing your enlightening POV. :-D

  5. Totally agree with you on the 5 things that you've learned in return. It's tough, but rewarding to come to that place of knowing that what we have now is enough, so to speak.

  6. @Cici: Yep. It's really rewarding indeed. :-)


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