Sunday, January 20, 2013

"Everything Happens for a Reason"

In the past I never really thought about that overused quote. I guess mostly I thought it was an OK quote. After IF I started seeing the world through different glasses and I was laughing so much when I found this online. Whoever created this card clearly knew what he/she was talking about LOLLLLL!!!!

I suppose what people really mean by saying "everything happens for a reason" is that everything happens for a "good" reason. I think when it comes to facing troubles or tragedies, it's a good trait of mankind to be able to find anything good coming out of any tragedies/troubles because we do need to carry on our lives after a tragedy and we do need to hold on to "something good" amongst the darkness that is threatening to suck the life out of us.

However, I don't agree that everything happens for a "good" reason. Things MAY happen for a reason, but the reason may be related to people's stupidity (for example drunk driving), people's bad choices (doing something rashly), and many other "not-so-flattering" reasons. 

Then I started thinking about September 11th. I have heard stories about how some employees who worked in the Twin Towers had had a flat tyre or something else that prevented them from going to work that day and those incidents saved their lives. In that way people'd say "Oh, the flat tyre happened for a (good) reason." And yes, I do agree with that. But if you think about it, why did it happen to that particular person? Why not another one? Why does someone in particular get kidnapped and tortured to death? Why does someone in particular happen to be at the wrong time, at the wrong place? I don't believe that it all happens for "a good reason". Some things happen because of the evil in mankind. 

It's a whole different thing if the person who suffers/grieves believes that everything happens for a good reason, though. I will never debate a sufferer who believes in that, 'coz it may just be his/her lifeline that carries them through whatever tragedy/tragedies in their lives.


  1. Excellent topic- I have too wondered why this person, why not the other person in many situations. Recently, a friend had shared a story that happened in her town, of a stray dog, that was taken in by the family, and then saving the whole family when their house was on fire. Makes one wonder what'd happen if they did not take in the dog? Would something else happen to save the family, or not? Gah, one of the deep thought-provoking topics that would not have a answer that'd 'fit in all shoes'.

    But I do know one thing....if not for the dark, how would we know what light or good looks like? I just wish that humanity would remember lessons, thro. "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." You know?

    Thanks for something to ponder on today! :)

    1. Yeah, too many possibilities and factors. If the factors aren't there, would something else happen? That's really too tough to ponder indeed.

      I totally agree about the dark, though. :-) I love the quote that says that only in the dark we can see the stars. :-) And you're right about not repeating our mistakes by remembering our past mistakes. :-)

      Glad you enjoyed the post! :-)

  2. You're so right. That statement drives me crazy! It particularly annoys me because implying that someone was "saved for a reason" also implies others weren't saved "for a reason" which is horribly cruel and insulting and hurtful.

    I ranted a little about it here -

    1. THANKS for the link, Mali. I've read your post and actually it's one of the posts that prompted me to think about this quote he he...


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