Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Kicking Its Ass

Yesterday I heard another pregnancy news (this time it was an unplanned pregnancy). I was fine when it happened, but then after a while I started feeling my old enemy knocking on my front door again. 

My enemy is called self-pity. I don't mind inviting grief and sorrow inside because then we can have a good cry, comfort and hold one another and the end result is always positive (a glad heart) even though my problem may not be solved. It is always cathartic to have a proper cry when you're grieving. However, self-pity isn't a good guest to invite in, because it always threatens to wreck my entire household. And in the end it'll also ruin the entire neighbourhood and universe. My universe.

So I was doing exercises again today (Body Combat in youtube) and while I was kicking the air, I imagined myself kicking my enemy's ass while shouting out, "Take that!!! Get THE HELL away from me!!! FAR FAR away from me!!! You're NOT invited!" 

I felt more powered up during these exercises. And of course I felt better after getting a dose of endorphins again. :-) 


  1. Oh I hate self-pity; of all tools of torture one could use, self-pity is definitely the worst!

    glad you found a way to kick its ass! :)

    1. Yeah, let's see how long the battle's going to last he he he...


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