Friday, February 8, 2013


January was a tough month. Amongst the happy baby birth/pregnancy announcements, there were two deaths as well as plenty of health concerns. My heart felt heavy, esp. with worry 'coz my friends' health concerns aren't confirmed yet. Waiting for the proper diagnoses isn't fun at all. 

An ex-school friend had a sudden attack of asthma that took her life. She was going to get married this month. Can't imagine how the groom-to-be must be feeling (her parents had died years back). :-(

A cousin's hubby died of a heart attack. They got married the same year we did.  

Facebook has also bombarded me with lots of invitations to join this and that cause. Sometimes life feels SO darn simple, yet sometimes it feels WAY too complicated and heavy. One of the things I do to "escape" from all the heavy stuff is reading Japanese manga or looking at cute animal pics.***

I'm glad January has ended. Currently I'm enjoying reading this manga based on a real life thread. This kind of manga gives me hope in mankind and it's also very funny. :-D Besides, this manga reminds me of our long distance relationship, so I cried and laughed along with the character. reading stories like this! :-D

*** Reading manga or looking at cute animal pics isn't without its own risks. Some days it's tough to see a "typical happy ending with babies involved" and some days it's tough to read the captions on animal pics that focus on "motherhood/parenthood". Other days, though, I'm fine with them. :-)


  1. Escapism does allow us to reset and find some peace amid of the demands -- emotional and otherwise. Wishing you bliss-filled, escapist serenity

    1. THANKS, Pamela! I've also had lots of dosage of music. :-D

  2. Sorry you had such a rough January. And glad you've managed to find some peace in escape.

  3. Oh Yeah- I totally get you- there's Elfquest manga I LOVE since I was a teenager in 1984- this year is 35th anniversary of Elfquest- so the authors had started on another series last winter,to now...and to my dismay (after a decade or so), they decided on pregnancies and babies as new generation in Elfquest. *facepalm*

    Good word, escapism- I had wondered on how to describe what I have been doing for late January to try going through this month of February- One thing I tried was Pinterest- but then I ended up doing a board on IF/CNBC. Oy. So now I'm sticking to tv series (Walking Dead, Star Trek Voyager, and Tudors) and reading books.


    If you're on Facebook, I'm there as Julie Wolfers-I'm that woman that looks holding a moon (on wall)

    1. Elfquest? I'm gonna try and find it. Haven't heard of it yet. Ouch! Sorry to hear what the authors wrote in the other series last winter.

      HEY, I also enjoy Walking Dead! :-D THANKS for the hugs. HUGS back! :-) And would love to be your friend in Facebook. :-)


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