Thursday, September 24, 2015

Rising Strong

What probably prompted me to create Mochi (see my previous post) was listening to Brené Brown's talks and her mention of how the narrative (story) we tell ourselves have a big effect on our lives. So there I was feeling forlorn and melancholic because my chamber of cheerleaders was rather empty and I was wondering if I could somehow manipulate that story in a creative way. Here's what I'm talking about: Brené Brown's Rising Strong Excerpt.

You know what? After creating Mochi in my mind, I played with my imagination a little. I imagined a dozen versions (or more) of Mochi dancing around and playing around in my chamber and I felt GIDDY with excitement. Like a little kid with a new toy. Or an adult with a delightful secret. I don't remember when the last time I felt that giddy, but now whenever I close my eyes and imagine Mochi, my devoted imaginary cheerleader, a smile always appears on my lips. 

Anyway, if you want to listen to her talk about Rising Strong, here's the video below. I managed to catch half of the video live, but had to wait for the video link to be uploaded to watch the first half of it.



  1. I've just watched the whole video. I think you were the first person to put me onto Brene Brown. And I thank you for this because I hadn't seen it, and it has put into words something I was thinking but not as fully as on the video, and it has helped changed my attitude towards someone I was judging. Thanks so much Amel!

    1. My pleasure, Mali. I know that many people may have already seen it, but I thought there was no harm done in sharing it here as well just in case. Glad to know it's helped you in that area. There are lots of gems of wisdom in her talks.


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